My first project: CSS Grid Tribute Page Feedback

Hello everyone!

I just finished the very first project towards the Responsive Web Design Certificate. I built a tribute page for the famous mathematician Leonhard Euler. Even though his accomplishments are more than could possibly fit on such a simple page, I hope my project can give the viewer an interesting and fun introduction to his work.

The site should be responsive and work on screens of all sizes.

If there are any suggestions or critiques, I would be happy to hear in which ways I could improve. This is my first time working with HTML and CSS.

Website on GitHub Pages
GitHub Repository

Thank you!

newbie my own self
it is neat work but place the header in between
place that math genius image in middle and like in big scale
rest those images style is so cool

I am also a newbie.
I like your site, especially the order of your pictures.
Thanks for share

Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated! For the layout of this page I wanted to have the header to be left aligned on the page to draw attention to the content of the grid in the center, but I will take your point into account for future projects.

I am glad you enjoyed the page, hope you learned something new about Euler! Good luck with your learning journey :slight_smile: