My first project - Luís Gama Tribute Page

Hello, everyone.

this is my first project. Luís Gama’s tribute page

Feedbacks are welcome…


Looks pretty good!

One thing I noticed is that the layout breaks a few times, first at 768px width. Even thought your element is responsive, some of the nested elements such as the #tribute-info div exceed that size. I noticed that element has width: var(page width), which may not be necessary. It may be better to set the width as a percentage for smaller screen sizes.

Try using the Chrome Dev Tools, and the responsive screen size toolbar, to see the page at 768px width and 320px width. At 320px, the #further-info div and footer break the layout.

Very good!
I really need to improve responsiveness.
I’ll keep your notes and implement them soon.
Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @lucianodacunha

codepen provides a validator for both HTML and CSS. Click on the arrow in the upper right in each of those sections and then click on the ‘Analyze’ link. You have an error in each with may be impacting the way your page displays.

On a side note, codepen expects you to fill in what you would normally put between the <body></body> tags. They provide all the head stuff. If there’s something you want to change you can click on the ‘Settings’ button and make changes there.

Overall, nice job!

Dude, cool this feature.

Thanks for the tip.