My first project - not great but not so bad hopefully

Hey guys,

I would appreciate some feedback on my first project. Thanks.


Good job, I like how you stuck with simplicity through this project.
If I would grade this, I would give it a 90.
I would work on:

  • Adding more details (maybe add more to the timeline)
  • Adding some more styling. (Make the page look more modern)
  • For the wikipedia article link, try using the bootstrap buttons. I did that on my tribute page

I like:

  • Image, good job with the resolution
  • Simplicity, it is not too compact
  • Good Job spacing content

Your fellow camper

Thank you very much for taking the time to review…it’s appreciated.

You may be giving me too much credit for the simplicity though. Not sure I have anything more complex within my skill set at the moment…but I’ll get there! :slight_smile: