My First Project, seems kind of plain I'm open to suggestions

my first project

It just needs a bit more styling. Sketch up what you want to see and try to make it happen. Sounds like you just need a bit of CSS practice.

Thank you, I would make major changes every time I worked on it. Sketching it up first sounds like a plan. Thanks for the tips.

As ItsRoyal is saying, it needs A LOT of styling.
It’s a great idea to sketch it up first and have a plan before you start building. Just like in construction you need the project before you start building the foundation.
If you’re not great on the creative part (like me), search some tribute pages and build your ideas around them so you don’t need to necessarily copy them but use it as inspiration.

Another think I would encourage you to do is to really challenge yourself. You said yourself that it looks plain so why leave it like that? Think about how you want it to look and work hard to build it exactly that way so you face all the challenges that comes with it and learn a whole lot in the process.

I’m also learning right now so don’t get me wrong. I’m no artist… Those are just my takes on your project assuming that you plan to get somewhere with this.

This is my tribute page if you want to give feedback on it too:
Thomas Jefferson - Tribute Page

best regards,

Thank you for your input! I made another page, looking better, or at least it does at 3am!**** 2nd tribute page