My First Project - Studio Ghibli Tribute

I would love to have some feedback on my first project here, any constructive criticism welcome.

Kept simple, everything working, responsive layout: I say thumbs up! :+1:

If I would have to change something though it would be this:

h4, h3, h2 {
  color: #FFF;

The selector
You might use class[es] as css selector: in this project you will add code to obtain the same result, it’s true, but it’s a good practice used to clearly identify what that rule is supposed to apply to ( sub-titles? secondary-text? main-paragraph?something like that ) and to obtain much control on your layout, applying your rule only to the element you want and not changing html element 'cause they are already styled^^

The colour
In that line i would change the colour too, to have higher contrast vs the background^^

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Using opacity: 0.7 will also make your text semitransparent.
You may use instead: background: rgba(3,1,2,0.7); and get rid off that opacity line.

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Thank you so much for your feedback

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Looking good! I think you were just editing the page while I looked at it – the first time I opened it, the text was semi-transparent, I accidentally closed the tab, and literally a few seconds later when I opened it again the text was white and much easier to read. I also really like the way you’ve done the timeline. :+1:

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