My First Project: Tribute Page Thanks in Advance!

Gloves are off. :gloves:
Do you see something out of place?
Do you know a better way than it was implemented here?
or you just want to comment please share it with me.

I would move the quote you have at the top somewhere else. Front and center should be ‘Marcus Aurelius’ that way when I get to the page I know what is going on.

The main section you have going on doesn’t look right to me. It’s not taking up enough of the window and when the width of the window gets to smaller sizes everything gets really jumbled up. The purple outline you have around everything in this main section throws everything off as well, especially when you get down the page:

Your <body> tag does not need an id. If you want to manipulate the body, then in your CSS:
body {
background: linear-gradient(90deg, #F1F8ff 0%,#d7d2cc 100%);

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  • fixed the purple outline
  • fixed the body tag
  • moved the quote(though have to think if this work well as it is now)

to-do-list: to fix the main section

Thanks for the feedback :green_heart:

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Your HTML has a number of technical issues, including invalid tags and repeated ids. If you click the down-arrow at the top of the HTML editor pane and select “Analyze HTML”, you’ll see each warning.

In terms of style, I would get rid of the box shadows on everything – they add noise for no real benefit on this particular page. If you really want to keep the shadows, add some margins between each box and make the box background lighter. I would definitely get rid of the borders around each item on the timeline and just add a top margin to each one.

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@chuckadams @saclark12000

Okay, I did fix things according to the feedback

  • Main section not out of order anymore(at least I think so :sweat_smile:)
  • did clean up the whole HTML-mess
  • most of the box shadows are gone
  • added some margins
  • adjusted the background colour
  • and removed the borders in question

so any feedback on the feedback result? :thinking:

also, thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks pretty good and clean now, and it’s responsive as well. Like the choice of subject too :+1:

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