My first project "Tribute Page"


If you have time, you are very welcome to give me some feedback. As this is my first project ever, yap student in progress, I know there are many mistakes and good advices.

If it happens that you know how to do bigger spaces for caption - enlighten me. I tried to fix that, but could not find a solution. Maybe because I didn’t used tables?

Anyway long story short - here is my pen

Very clean markup. The page itself looks good, even with the minimalist design. The collapsible panels are a nice touch.

To allow for more caption space, I would just use CSS to add some pixels to the margin:

.caption {
margin: 15px;

This is pretty decent work for your first project.

Thank you. Why in the heavens I didn’t thought about that. I was so focused on html part that totally forgot you can change classes with css too.

Your the man!!!

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I can’t give you much feedback on the code, because I am too new, but congratulations on completing this project!

If you verify your email address, people can view this in “Full Page” view. CodePen sent me this message when I tried to view the pen as a full page: “The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View.”

I see. Thank you. Will do it.