My First Project/Webpage - Bootstrap Won't Work

Hello online coder people community! Check out my first project. Let me know what you think. And also please tell me why bootstrap isn’t working in my Code Pen profile.

I want the text and the image to appear alongside each other… and I can actually make that happen by writing the code with bootstrap links and opening with chrome. Doesn’t seem to go through in Code pen though.

Here’s what it looks like in Code Pen

And here’s how it looks when I write in sublime text and then open with Chrome

You included wrong Bootstrap version :slight_smile: You should be using Bootstrap v3 in codepen, but you added boostrap v4.

Personally I would make the black header box a bit taller (but leave font size as it is).

Professionally - font colours are bad, you should increase constrast of your paragraph / regular text and links / anchors

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@ppz02 it worked! No way I would’ve figured that out without you… you’re the man!

I’ll look into the font too, thanks for helping.

Great, I’m glad I could help.

As for the black header box… now that I look at it with boostrap styling applied it looks good. I must have been referring to the box from before I changed boostrap version.

But yes, font colours is something you should look into. Of course it’s not required, but I think if you’re here, you want to learn as much as you can - one of these things is to always keep in mind that various people with different disabilities may be checking your websites :slight_smile: in case of colours and contrasts, you may want to check this page:

and this app is very useful to check how colorblind people may see your pages: