My first real sign of progress

Hey guys,

I tried FCC last year but quit when I got to Create a More Complex Shape Using CSS and HTML. I was just going through the motions of the challenges and didn’t really understand why anything did what it did, the above challenge was the final straw!

There’s so much code! How is the pink heart behind the blue? 'The hell does before/after actually do? Now when I look at the code it all makes complete sense.

Randomly today I decided to open up Codepen and do the same challenge with no reference and I was shocked at how easy it was. So it wasn’t until today I’ve realised I’ve come a long way in 3 months. (I did have to check as to why the before::after weren’t appearing before and after then realised my div has no content so it appears directly behind the .heart)

I’m a few weeks into javascript, here’s hoping I can say the same in a few months…

Just thought I’d post to be kind to myself instead of feeling down!



hey @oocopperpot,

good on ya mate, its so much better when you realise how good your getting and how much you’ve learn’t aint it, javaScript is obviously a bit different than css because its a programming language so dont worry if you dont see the same results as css in 3 months but you will definitely see good results and if you stick to it there’s no doubt you will master it :slight_smile:

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Hey Oocopperpot! You’re not alone in this that’s for sure. I kind of stumbled off a bit the middle of last year. But as of September I jumped back into the HTML/CSS challenges. Managed to finish all 5 projects before the new year, with a lot of help coming from these forums.

Also started Java, just about to start the Introduction to the Regular Expression challenges. Definitely a lot more challenging than HTML/CSS, but we gotta keep at it, and no doubt will be surprised with how much we’ve learnt one day.

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Thank you, it doesn’t seem possible at first. You’re literally Googling every new element you learn and it feels like you’re standing still but slowly you’re progressing. One thing that’s really helped is CSS challenges.

Javascript is another beast yes. :smiley:

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Good going! Yes I probably post at least once a day here for help when I’m doing a challenge. Before you know it I’m watching a 20 min youtube video, feels like I’m going off track but always learning.

How you finding Javascript? I’m halfway through basic and I’m slowly understanding it, still not fully there but I don’t feel completely lost which is good.

If you were to go back to basic JS, would it now seem simple?

Hi @oocopperpot!

I felt the same way about javascript. When I first start the basic javascript, I struggled with it to.

Some challenges, I got while others took me a while to complete.

The algorithms were hard for me because I didn’t know how to problem solve.

But I just took it slowly, and researched a lot.

Now I actually enjoy algorithms. I usually start the day with code wars before moving through the react projects.

So over time, things will start to make sense.

And now I am able to answer more questions in the javascript section in the forum.


This is very true once you start understanding how to problem solve you actually enjoy the challenge of doing algorithms, i definitely did anyway.


Good stuff, right now I have no idea really how what I’m learning with basic javascript has to do with HTML/CSS and design so still a way to go but looking forward to it.

It doesn’t look completely alien to my now, I know a basic function which is something!

if you want to explore it on your own, look up DOM manipulation, it is not a topic covered with pure JavaScript in the curriculum, so you may want to take a look on your own before seeing how it is done with frameworks and libraries

like, you can make a page with a button that makes change the color of something when clicked