My first simple mind game app

This is my first mid game app. I know this may not very interesting game, but I covert it in Javascript app. Please play once and give me feedback. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

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Your app needs to handle the case where a user makes the wrong calculations or makes a typo when entering the final number. For example, if the number the user picked at the beginning was 6, but accidentally enter 61 at the end, your app says the user’s number was 6.1.

Lesson: Always assume the user will do the unexpected and plan for it.

@RandellDawson You are my best teacher. Is that means, I can check if the user number ended with 0 in last and at least minimum should be 10, like this?
thank you.

Give it a try and see what happens. What happens if the user enters a number like 1000?

@RandellDawson I think for 1000 is fine, if user inters 1000 that means he or she starts from 100 and result come 100. But as I mentioned before if the user types rather than ending with 0, can alert that calculation may me be messed up. Thank you sir.

What if the user enters 1010?

You asked the user to choose one of the numbers at the beginning and remember it. Only the numbers 1-10 were showing, so the number 100 was not one of those numbers. Maybe you meant for those to just be examples of whole numbers? I think you should make that clear somehow.

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I will improve it Sir. Thank you.

This is pretty fun and is a great way to trick no-brainers and those who don’t pay attention. Try to work on the design a little better.