My First Survey Form, kindly need feedback

this is my first survey form I made. The design is simple and not too complex.

:pray: Please drop me some feedback and advice about my code and the project.

Thank you

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Good Go ahead man
looks good
Why you left the left side completely empty man ?

Well, I’ve got design inspiration from this link

I let the left side to be some blank, put a text and good image background.

Any suggestions for this?

man you add something so that space is use and it helps your project looks better
Good keeping Coding

Thanks for advice, I’ll figure out…

Hey! I checked your work, and it’s beautiful :stars: However, I agree with @Gunjan in that the space on the left side shouldn’t be empty.

I suggest, why don’t you lower your survey and place it on the center of the page. That would fix the issue.

Otherwise, it’s great and you should continue working hard. Keep Coding! :sunny:


I’ll go against the current and say I like the right-side positioning. It shows off the art, which even reflects the FCC logo, and it would be obscured if the form was centered. There’s still plenty of room for the survey, and it does go to centered on smaller widths, so it’s not all wasted space.

Thank you @chuckadams @M-Rasheed-H,

I have got some points here. I think placing the form in center is a good idea. Either suggestions for placing it center or left/right side still good, but I’m just confuse on how to design a good page (Maybe UI/UX role could solve this problem?).

Anyway, thanks so much for visit my post…:+1:

Hi. I like that it look different from the standard centered form but as a thought make the “The night is calm, good for feedback” sticky so it stays at the top of the left view and that might help balance the page. Found the code really easy to read as well so good job!