My first survey form- please give feedback

This is my first attempt at a survey form and i’m sure its not the very cleanest the code would be. What suggests would you give to me to make this page either more aesthetic or the code more organized & clean? Thanks!

Survey form:

Every time you create a form you should test it. Meaning click on everything and and make sure it works. Each label should highlight it’s respective input.

Don’t put a div inside an li. You didn’t close these divs either.

A label inside an li must close before the li.

You appear to want to style this like a paper form with everything along a left margin. Move the check boxes over as well. Or you could put them in even columns.

Form psychology:

  • The other check box should be last.

  • Your rating scale radio buttons should always be best score first

Make sure all your form elements and inside the one with the blue background.

You have a habit of not closing your elements properly

Make sure that text is always in a text element.

Don’t put br s in a label