My First Tribute- Jean Michel Basquiat, Feedback Please

Hello, thank you for stopping by. I’ve been having a blast working on my tribute page in honor of Jean Michel There are interesting links to view and so much more. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

It looks great, but there is a typo in the class list of “Basquiat in his studio” image, see below, preventing it of being scaled when the viewport is resized. Just remove the extraneous comma from the class list and everything will be ok.

Change this:
<img class="large-image center img-responsive, center-block" src=",h_450/v1467432977/jean-michel-basquiat-great_ly5ja7.jpg">

Into this:
<img class="large-image center img-responsive center-block" src=",h_450/v1467432977/jean-michel-basquiat-great_ly5ja7.jpg">

@AIAGAX1 Looks great! However, you can add an ‘alt’ attribute to your images.

Thanks, good looking out, I fixed the typo.

Okay, I’ll look into that… Thank You!

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