My (first) Tribute Page--Ella Fitzgerald

I created my first tribute page recently and would love feedback. Ella Fitzgerald

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You have a nice, clean look. Nice work. The first image appears to be broken, however.

imgur blocks Codepen, you can use another host or use one of the images from the wikipedia page on Ella Fitzgerald.

(random fact Norman Granz was my uncle, was married to my aunt)

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Hi, I am viewing your page on my phone and I have to scroll horizontally to read the timeline. I’m think that maybe you video is wide and making the whole page too wide? It could also be a cross compatibility issue (I’m using iOS), but I don’t think it’s the latter bc the video touches the width of the screen completely. I also agree that you have to change your image, as I don’t see one at all, just a link.

I did read through the timeline though and was very intrigued

How do I copy an image from Wikipedia to Codepen?

You can just link to the image (hotlinking). On Wikipedia clicking an image takes you to a page with different resolutions you can select from, then just copy the link to the image and use it. For this type of project, it should be fine.

How does the code work for that?

Looking at your Codepen you seem to have figured it out.

You may want to look into making the video responsive so it doesn’t cause an overflow on small screen sizes. Just search for responsive video to see some example code.

Thanks. BTW, this is my first go-around. I’m practicing with tribute pages.

Great job done… Keep it up dear