My First Tribute Page Feedback

Oh it came closer again.

Great! also, it is bad practice to select just h1 since that will select all h1 in your code.

Edit: (you might want to select using the title id that you already have made)

Oh I so must give it an id or class right?

Look at the edit I made in previous post

Ok sir I completely forgot about that id.

Stop calling me sir :smiley: I am just a volunteer, I am not a teacher. You can simply address me with my name @ManasMahanand1

Next is your image,

you have given a margin left and right for the image container. Remove that. Instead give it a width

Ok. You are definitely senior to me. And your advices are very precious for me.

It’s not working. It is going to the left side and is being conjusted there what happened.

Change it to what width you had tried… Let me have a look

I simply added 10px and something happened.
Have a look.

Give it a larger width… What I do in my apps, is I give a width of 95vw or something like that.

vw is view width 100vw is 100% of the screen width, and 95vw is 95%…

And of course it will not center itself (the browser will only do what you ask it to do, and you never gave it an instruction to center the div)

To do that, what I do is I give the div a margin property like this:

margin: 0 auto;

What this does is it puts a margin of 0 for top and bottom (margin-top and margin-bottom) and it asks browser to automatically set a margin of left and right. When the browser does that it centers the div

Wow, its better now have a look.
I used the new unit you introduced and the margin property also.
Do you make apps?

Yes I am a web application developer

That,s cool where and whom do you work for? What are some of your apps? That’s really cool.

I missed a point (for subtitle below Mahatma Gandhi) you can give it a smaller font-weight if you want to make it more appealing. (I think you can ignore this for now, as you are still learning. But try to figure out how to do that yourself as an exercise by googling)

Knowing how to google and find answers is a very useful skill in programming

Ok I will search for that.

That,s cool where and whom do you work for? What are some of your apps? That’s really cool

This is a question that is unrelated to your post. Ask these questions privately if you want (dm me)

I set the font weight to 100.
Isn,t that the minimum.

Can you say what does inherit font-weight mean?