My first Tribute Page. I would appreciate feedback

Great work! Be careful of what is within your hyperlink tags <a>. Currently there’s a space before Wikipedia within the hyperlink tags, so your link underline appears under that space as well rather than just the word. (I currently work as a design lecturer so apologies for being obsessive about things like this!)

I’m curious why you’ve used both external and internal styles. The h1 in your external styles (color: red) is being overridden by the body tag (color: black) in the internal style. To reduce the redundant code you could always move your internal CSS to the external sheet, replacing the current external CSS, or you could just delete the external CSS.

I hope this helps!



Thank you for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it! I corrected both observations you made. I didn’t notice the Wikipedia issue while coding. The color issue was me forgetting to delete the external CSS after testing something. Guess I was too excited to share and missed it.

Thanks again,


I miss extra code all the time so I know the feeling! :smiley:

Glad my feedback helped.