My first tribute page - Jobs


I finish my first project. I decided to use flexbox and make it responsive. I try to make it as minimalist as possible.
Can you see it here!

Regards! :smile:


Project is very impressive. But, a few changes can make it better than ever.

  1. Consider changing text style or font for your sub heading “troublemaker”. It will make it distincly visible on page.
  2. Also increase padding for both headings.

Rest of the page seems fine to me. Good job.

@Manav_PNH_Infy, Thanks for suggestions!

I change the font of the sub heading as you suggested and also the font of the main content (increase font size and line-height) because reading it again I realized that the previous font generated fatigue at the reading time, now is more friendly…I think…

Thanks again!

Nice looking page, but the single paragraph is a serious Wall Of Text and becomes quite difficult to read. Consider breaking it up into multiple paragraphs.

Also, I’m not sure why you’re using JS to change the font size of the h1 element. Why not just put it in CSS?

Hi @chuckadams!

You’re right i had not noticed about the wall of text :sweat_smile:. I use a <br> for divide the paragraph. I tried dividing with <p> labeles and then adding a bottom-margin but it doesn’t work.
Thanks for the tip!

About the JS in the h1 element…I didn’t put any JavaScript…Can someone have placed it editing my code?

Looks much better now with the paragraph breaks.

As for the JS edit, I’m not really sure about how it would have gotten in there. I didn’t think codepen allowed arbitrary edits by random users with the share link, and thought they’d have to fork it. I rarely ever use codepen though, so I’m not 100% familiar with its permissions model.

Hi @chuckadams,

that’s a nice minimalistic page. Just the gray box looks a bit cramped with text. A bit more padding would give the text inside more space to breathe.

Otherwise good job. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hi @silberfuchs26,

That was the idea, design a minimalistic page :smile:.
I’m going to put a little more of padding in the quote to see what happen!

Thanks for the feedback!