My First Tribute Page - My Second Attempt

So I submitted my first tribute page some six months back and it didn’t work very well on mobile phone so I cried and quit coding.

With renewed determination and vigor I’ve used my holidays this week to re-learn the curriculum with the goal in mind of having at-least completed this challenge by the end of the weekend.

Having started it yesterday afternoon I’m slightly ahead of schedule by my own pace, and oddly I’m actually quite happy with it in terms of how responsive it is.

I’m aware the CSS is quite badly indexed in terms of the chronology so I won’t be winning acclaim from anyone who wrote the accessibility course, but as I’m rushing out I’ve opted just to fire and forget:

So, mostly just looking to hear if its majorly borked in any way?

Also despite the tribute being towards yours truly, I’d be hoping for a robust critique.

Kind regards,

So then, firstly good job on sticking a nav bar on there, and that’s a nice big smart looking image there, that’s easy on the eye.
I’d start by putting those 3 boxed links underneath the text, but that might just be a personal preference of mine.

You should stick a couple of media queries in there for the links on mobile though, so they condense to 1 link per line, as currently its not responsive.

But yeah, looking good, definitely going the right way