My first "tribute page

Just finished my first “Tribute Page” would love some feedback

Hey…I really liked the page - and the subject :slight_smile: Great idea to use a graphic of each of the trophies to list his achievements.

I also just finished my tribute page - here’s the link.

Although to be honest, I basically did just enough to satisfy the user stories and move on. I’m working now on the ‘Survey Form’.

Wonder what your thoughts are about how to best spend the time you have…- working on each page to make it look great and include as much information and as possible or do just enough to get it done and move on to the next project…

Anyway, good luck and again, nice page

thanks for the feed back i basically also dd to satisfy the user story but also trying to put in a bit most of e stuff i learnt on previous exercises as practice.

on my thouts would be to first archive the desired user story at the same time trying to add in a few elements iv learnt from previous lessons experimenting wt works and not and if i get stuck get back to it at a later time when im free.

  1. This is not valid HTML
<ul id="dates">

If you want the li’s to be bold just add font-weight: bold

li {
  font-weight: bold;

<ul id="dates">
  1. ID’s have to be unique, you should not use the same ID more than one time.

  2. You are using the #image selector twice.

  3. About your semicolons in the CSS, while it is valid to leave out the last semicolon of a CSS block i would suggest not doing it, as it can more easily lead to errors when adding new styles to a block. But if you do it, be consistent about it.

thanks for the feedback will sort that out.

I agree. Definitely the right approach I think.

So I just submitted the Survey form (here is the link in case you’re interested) it was kind of a good example of what we were saying…it’s really easy to pass the user stories, but to format the form and position everything was really tough and took ages. I learned a lot doing though, so was worth it.

If it’s OK with you, I’d be really interested in your experience with this Survey form…as I said, the positioning part of it was a nightmare :sweat_smile:


good job on the survey form its clean. As for me haven’t started with the form but il be shoo to update you on it then share challenges.