My first Tribute Page(())

Hi everybody . I wish your are all good.

I finished my first Tribute Page and i wish you can give me feedback for my work.
what do you think about it ?


Crisp, clean, looks good on mobile.

Good job :+1:

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Nice job! It looks good and it’s responsive. Although, I would have chose RDJ myself. :smile:

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Looks really good! clean and small code, and it’s responsive. Nice job :fist_right:.

Just one comment, in codepen you don’t really have to add the head stuff there, you can go into config and paste it there, but it’s really more of a personal style thing.

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@paulgoogle thank you very much.

@merc923 thank you . I love RDJ too may be i make another page for RDJ :smile:

@Ast2435 thank you very much . I get it next time I will write the code without head stuff . thank you again.

Hi @OmarFawzi

The paragraph in the Who Is Chris Evans? section is too wide in comparison to the paragraphs in the Chris Evans Movies section. I suggest you fix it.

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Hi @timagixe

I fix the paragraph like other section.
thank you for your suggestion.

You did a really good job, but your banners with the black backgrounds and grey texts are a little hard on the eyes.
maybe black and white?
I love the font you picked.
Nice job.

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Hi @ConnerOw1115

I change the color text in the banners. Now black and white.
thank you very much.

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Nice job! much better!

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