My first tribute page :)

Hey everyone, here is my first shot at building a site.
let me know what everyone thinks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

It looks good, I like the borders, and you bringing in a different font.
-I would make the paragraph text bigger, and maybe try to find an easier font to read for your paragraphs. Work on different text sizes, extra brig for title, smaller for the headers of each paragraph, etc.

-Something else would to bring in the margins on your paragraphs, or really any text on there, so you don’t have to read across the entire screen.

-I don’t know if you noticed this, but the pictures (of him and the mandalas) are slightly odd looking, they all look kinda “squished” from the sides. This is because of the width and height placed for the img. If you go look at the original picture, it was probably rectangular. So when you try and make the width and height the same, it will cause it to look squished.

Also try centering some stuff, maybe the title and very first picture. You have a lot of blank space at the top, on the right. Try doing something with that, you could add a background, or just maneuver some things around.

This may have been intentional, if so, just ignore. I noticed your “Click here for more on Carl Jung and his work” link does not work. You have your freecatphotoapp website in it. You can place a real, working link in there, perhaps to a Wikipedia on him. Your link to your Free Code Camp profile works great, though.

Keep experimenting with layouts, fonts, and visual appeal. Really nice however, and the video links are super cool!!

I enjoyed your tribute page. It definitely provided images, and text, a well as a link to find more about Carl Gustav Jung. I liked the fact that you’ve added videos to your webpage, to get quick access. The font style that you’ve used was a bit hard to read, but other than that all of the headings, and images are in perfect display to me. I like the borders around the images as well. Awesome work!

Hey EPrice000 thanks for the feedback! Yes I agree, the font is pretty difficult to read, I was playing around to see how the whole font business was going to work out. Will get to that :slight_smile: