My first try at a portfolio page

I have been working on my first portfolio page. I am just starting in coding so don’t have much to add yet. Any feedback would be really helpful.

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A park ranger! Kewl.

I think your page looks great on the desktop. When I resize the page to about mobile width, things get a little screwy

To fix the nav links, you could play with the other Bootstrap grid options (notice there’s a class for offsets, as well). For the text, it looks like you could set the padding using media queries and give the words more space to lay out.

Looking forward to seeing more!

That is really cool, Amanda! What park are you at in that picture?

Im working on my portfolio page at moment and i have a fixed nav bar … when i went to have a fixed width page and then margin kick in i realized i faced a problem with the nav bar as it was fixed eg i wanted full width up to a 1000 px and if page wider than that then a margin on either side. solution i found was this … in css put a
max-width: 1000px;
and for the header found this …
.header {
plus add what ever else you have … .header is the class name i have for my nav bar change it to what ever your nav bar div is contained in … also in your case you will need to put it in your drop down menu as that goes the whole way accros the screen too. Hope this helps if it is something you would like to do.

I’ve made a few changes. Thanks for the links to articles. They really helped. And I climbed Mt. Canon, Glacier National Park.

Thanks again!