My First Webpage!(Tribute page) - feedback/criticism

I just finished the tribute page, and I have to say I absolutely loved doing that, and as i learn more i would love to update it!

This is the project in question, I would like all of you to critique it.

Thank you all in advance for the feedback!

Always love to see a Nikola Tesla page, He’s moving from obscure geek trivia to finally getting recognition for his work.

Your page is pretty good but I noticed a few things:

  • The phase “Here is a list of Nikola Tesla’s contributions to science” is really small. REALLY SMALL!!
    I suggest setting that element to h2.
  • The wording on some the sentences could use a little fleshing out.
    “Needless to say Edison and Tesla did not get along, Tesla started out by getting hired by Edison, but soon after Tesla found out how malicious Edison could be, so he quit the team.”
    —Turns into—
    " Tesla was hired by the Continental Edison Company in France 1882. By June 1884, he made his way to New York and found employment with Edison Machine Works on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. But soon after found out how malicious Edison could be. After Tesla mentioned that he could improve the Edison’s motors and generators, Edison said there was “$50,000 for him - If you can do it”. After the task was complete Edison told Tesla he didn’t “Understand American Humor” and offered him a $10 a week raise, Needless to say he quit the team shortly after.