My first website for review, comments and suggestions

Hello all!
After 2 and half months of coding with freecodecamp, finally I decided to practice the real work with html css and javascript in real website, and thus, I am designing my own website. .
Yvana is my 4 years daughter and so i choose this name.
Please visit the website and suggest me to do.
Your suggestions and compliments are the real way of motivation.

Please while suggesting : Just think as what the beginner can do on this. I am still coding with freecodecamp, and lots of challenges are still to go. I have just completed HTML, CSS and a little bit of Javascript and I am using all these only to this site for now.

And, below is the simple game project. I suggest all learners like me to do this small project.

yes off course I did it, but, my coding is not in a professional way. So I kindly request my senior to teach me the better way to write simply this program. So that, me and learners like me can know the way of doing.

Here is the Code

Thankyou very much in advance for all of your loves.

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