My first website has done but lost on what I need to do on using a domain?

Sorry if this is a common post, but I have created my first website for my local gym personal trainer. The site is responsive, used bootstrap 4, javascript is used for smooth scrolling and fading text, flex slider for the testimonial pics and a PHP contact form. Now, I believe for the PHP contact form to work it has to be live - is this true? And, in order to have my site live, which is the best domain for my first website. Just looking for a reasonable price, that is effective and allows me to upload my site smoothly. Also, will I need to work on SQL for this? I have taught myself the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, a bit of PHP for the contact form and bootstrap to help me for the responsive layout site. But, do I need to work on SQL for anything on this site? And what should I do now after this site? Because when I have it live I am gonna send the link here for feedback/criticism.


Hey @rosstopherrr,

  1. Yes the website have to be online for the contact form to work, PHP is a server language, as it name suggests it, it needs to be on a server to execute.

  2. It depends, i would say almost all of the domains provider will allow you to upload your site smoothly because the site size is not that big. You should search for some domain providers, you can compare other clients reviews :slight_smile:

  3. If you don’t need to storage users data you won’t need a database and so you won’t have to do SQL, the contact form only requires PHP.

Hope this answer will help,