My first website: Tribute Page

It’s great to code a page from scratch :star_struck:

My first project: Tribute Page

Can you feedback?
Thank you in advance :v:

@mjozdi Good work! That looks really good. I like the layout and colors. Nice and simple. I would say only one thing to work on… Otherwise very good work!

  • Try using some CSS to style your page instead of using the <hr> tag to style the page. :smile:

Hi @mjozdi!

Congrats on finishing your first project!

A few things.

There are a couple of errors in your html that need your attention. Run your code through the analyzer to fix those errors.

At the bottom instead of saying click the image, I think it should say click on the learning never ends image. Because I assumed it was referring to the image on top. Or you could also replace that image with a regular link too.

For the title tags, those are supposed to be in the head section and you don’t need to include that information for codepen.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

now I used to check my HTML and corrected the most of the mistakes. For now it says just these:

I thought that these are not necessary for codepen :slight_smile:

And about the image clicking, the text refers the image “the learning never ends”. But yes it isn’t clear enough. So I put --> there. I hope it’s now clear :smiley:

Yeah the title tag was throwing the error in codepen. Sometimes that happens you have stuff for the head inside your html for codepen.