My first weird blog

It has been many months long since I first log into FCC. I couldn’t be more grateful for this platform.

And after many months working on and off, I’ve finished the bare bones of a simple blog. The blog is a bit weird I guess (if you check it out, you’ll find out why), but one of the posts it’s about my journey on web development and how FCC help me out on it.

I’d appreciate any feedback on the project, or websites where I could share the blog. And I hope you will enjoy it.


Main page / Home
Web Dev post (where I speak about FCC and other stuff)

I’ve set up an about page with more info too.

Mr. Nobody.

Hey Mr. Nobody, just a few observations:

  • As I increase the text size the content starts shifting to the right and eventually I get a horizontal scroll bar.
  • Clicking that up arrow at the bottom of the page to scroll back to the top takes too long. Smooth scrolling is fine, but it shouldn’t take five seconds to get to the top of the page (this is with the text size increased to 200%).
  • The comment section at the bottom starts to get a little squishy and things start to overlap as I increase the text size.

I guess the main point I am bringing to your attention here is that manual text size increases are causing your page to “break”. If you don’t know how to increase the text size, using Firefox go to the ‘View->Zoom’ menu and activate ‘Zoom Text Only’. Then while holding down the Ctrl key scroll your middle mouse button to increase the text size. You’ll want to make sure your page handles increases in text size gracefully.

Hey @bbsmooth,
I’ve tested in FF too.
You’re right about it, I’ll think how to improve that.

Thanks for the crystal clear feedback.