My firstborn creation - Portfolio

Hello, codecamp fellows.

I finished my portfolio at last. I don’t think that it is perfect due to many reasons (especially my love to viewpoints), but it is the first project I’ve started and finished and it makes me happy.
If you’ll have a minute to check it out and comment - I would be much appreciated.

Looks nice!

Couple suggestions:

  • Add some info to portfolio tiles. I want to know what I am clicking, maybe add some text on hover?
  • Your big links in the middle to html, google, etc. have a h2 inside the link… why? You don’t need this, and it prevents me from highlighting your text. If you wonder why I want to do that…
  • Google - “Most probably someone knows the answer”… I understand you are probably not a native English speaker, so I am pointing this out. That is not good sentence structure, the proper way to say it would be “Someone probably knows the answer.”
  • And finally, try it out on your phone or resize your browser… :frowning:

Nice work, I can tell you put a lot of work in, and it is very unique!