My girlfriend does not know what to do

Good afternoon from Europe,

As the title says, my girlfriend works as a Customer Success Specialist for a SaaS company, which sells a SAP product for a specific sector.

These customers can entry data, check performance, expenses…like any other program.

Her position now allows her to check the web app and look for bugs in the system as translation, formulas, ux… She realised that kinda likes to research and look through the product.

Therefore, she is looking for a career change into QA engineer? Web App tester? I am sorry people but I do not know how to call this role.

She graduated from management engineering, which gave her a great base plus she has very analytical thinking, but she deosn´t know how to code.

My questions would be:
-What are the names for the roles with testing, quality check, that would suit to that short description?
-What are a min requirements for a junior position?
-Is the knowledge of programming necessary, if yes, what is the language to start with?

Thank you very much indeed. :grinning:-

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I don’t know about the roles
but if there is any interest about web app, the language to start is JavaScript

the freecodecamp curriculum is about web development, starts with html, which is a markup language and is the visual part of a page, and then JavaScript, which gives the interactivity

the freeCodeCamp curriculum is at

First of all, thanks for taking your time in answering our questions @ieahleen.

She just commented me that company works with .NET, so I am a bit lost with this.

Let’s see, if someone else can also clear more our though/doubts.

@Bronce Hi, welcome to the forums! Hope you find what your looking for :smiley:

This sounds like a QA Engineer. Or at least that is what I’d call this role. (I actually worked as one of these over the summer for a project) It seems like her current role name and QA Engineer would do the same thing, and are only different in name only overall.

There is one thing with this role that is worth mentioning. She could automate her job away. This might sound like a bad idea, but understand that doing such would free her up to focus more on improving the product, rather than spending time on the mundane. It might even be possible this already exists at some level, and she is only an extra layer of checks before it gets to the customer.

So yea, she basically is in the position your looking for. The only “upgrade” she could make is to actually look into automating her job (this would require some coding) so she can spend less time “checking boxes” and more time figuring out what boxes need to be checked.

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Thanks for the welcome, a pleasure to be here even If I have been on the shadows for long but it was about time to enter in this community. :raising_hand_man:

Hell yeah @bradtaniguchi! This is definetely going to help her to filter roles and focus in requirements.

This is the answer we were looking for but if anyone else has another point of view or reference to share, we will be glad to read it. :smiley: