My image is not showing up

I am new to Code Pen, is there something special that needs to be done to add images in my code? My image is not showing up, it’s driving me crazy. The image should be just below the header…it works in my laptop.

	background-image: url("tesla.jpg");

“tesla.jpg” is not a valid image url.

Hi So just copy and paste the link of the website I took the image from to my html and css?

You’ll need the url for the image, not just the website it’s on. It’s probably best to upload a copy of the image to a free hosting site (not Imgur). If you’re using someone else’s image, you should also include information about who you took it from.

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If you right click on the image you want and select “copy image address”

You can add it in the css with:
background-image: url(“https://websiteimage.jpeg”);

Or html:

<img src="https://websiteimage.jpeg">
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Got it Thank you so much!

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