My inverted pendulum project

Some years ago I dreamed about making my own inverted pendulum. I wanted it to be completely autonomous, without big power supplies, cables or such of things. I wanted it to swing nicely on my desk.

Now I’m sharing my work on GitHub, please have a look and tell me what you think.


I don’t think I am qualified to give feedback on this project but wow that is really cool. If I knew how to go about soldering and working with PCBs I would totally build one for myself. :slight_smile:
I love the idea of autonomous toys that do cool things like this. Please keep creating and keep sharing. This is awesome!

All that said, I can’t help but think of how it could be a really cool art/design piece that doesn’t solve a problem but exists as mere self expression. I feel you could take some inspiration from this artist Clayton Boyer and do some work on the outer shell. I saw the gyroscope and motor implementation on your github and to a non electronics person like me, it seems like some very interesting design/structure can be implemented in the outer shell. Here is an example video of a Kinetic Sculpture by Clayton, this could give you some ideas.

Once again, thanks for sharing. I needed my daily dose of inspiration. :heart:

I have no idea how to evaluate this but it looks really cool!