My Javascript Algorithm Projects compilation

feedbacks would be highly appreciated


this is a really good thing :100:. A few things I noticed -

  • The palindrome checker, Cæser cipher and phone number checker work fine but maybe an example/explanation would be nice - the palindrome is obvious, but the phone number (needs to say that it’s for US phone numbers!) & cipher less so.
  • The Roman numeral converter needs some handling for larger numbers - maybe a description that says any number up to {max input}, and it would be nice if it showed an error if a user tries to put in a larger number - at the minute the conversion goes a bit crazy and you just get a massive string of Ms.
  • The cash register needs a little bit of work - I can get ‘register open’ but no calculation (ie something failed - not enough money perhaps?) pretty easily, it needs a bit more explanation as to what it’s actually doing - it’s not very intuitive.

I think a lot of this is UI work - all the underlying functions are fine and don’t really need to be touched, but it would be a really nice project to build the UI side out so that they’re easier to use and more obvious (often will just be a case of adding a paragraph explaining what they are + some error handling that tells a user what they’re doing wrong).

Also what would be nice is if, for the cipher and roman numeral converter functions, you could also include the reverse of the functions - a Cæser cipher encoder, and a function to convert numerals to integers

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thanks a lot, this very much appreciated, I would try to make improvements, and update once I get into it.

@msforbes09, for Roman numerals more than 3999 they used an overline above the number indicating x1000 multiplication, sort of:

IV => 4000
M => 1000000

Here’s how you can make overline: