My journey in IT - survey form feedback

Dear fellow coders,

I have been coding for about two and a half months, and this is my absolute first time using forums or any kind of community-related methods to get feedback for my projects.

I did realize, that I have been missing out a lot by not being in any coding community, so I thought this would be a great start.

A little bit about myself: I recently quit my most recent job, to be a full-time student to one day be a Full-Stack Web developer. I was an Operations Manager for Qatar Airways. So basically from aviation, I am transitioning into the IT industry. I have been always around computers and passionate about them. Ever since I have been introduced to coding, I fell in love with it. I used to play a ton of video games like WoW and LoL, but now coding is my video game. Problem-solving, being creative, and just basically being able to do whatever you want to do amazes me.

I am completely self-taught, with extreme dedication and commitment. I am probably putting in about 50-70 hours a week into coding. I am enrolled in codeCademy, fCC, some udemy courses, and some coursera courses as well. I am also reading the “Clean Code” - by Robert C. Martin. With all this being said, I am currently looking for a mentor/tutor who I can check up with weekly, to share some ideas/thoughts on my progress and skills. I currently feel like my strongest asset is JavaScript followed by HTML then CSS. I just started tackling React.JS and reading about the back-end.

fCC surveyForm:

I am going to attach my survey form that I completed here on fCC. Kindly share your feedback, and please criticize as you wish. Positive critique makes me proud, negative critique pushes me to work harder!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Hi and welcome to the forums :wave:

I’m a coding noob and found the advice given here to be really good!

I like the look of your form and only suggestion I have is the text is a bit small to read when viewing on a smaller screen like a phone - might be an idea to check out the developer tools in the browser and see what it looks like from an iPhone 6 screen.

Another thing, just about using using Codepen for these projects, everything that would normally go in the head section doesn’t actually go in to HTML editor. Instead go to Settings > HTML > and you will see Stuff for head.

Happy coding and look forward to seeing your next project :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a really nice form! I like how it really matches the subject you chose! The pizza board is a really creative idea. Although the design is nice, the images bug and take a long time to load.

Welcome @oliverfeher!
This is an amazing journey and you have a lot of partners here :grin:

About the design, the constrast between the background and the header text is not enought, the background image needs to be darker to an easy reading.
In small devices you can change the margin and padding messures to fit the form in the whole screen.

Is a good start! Keep coding!! :hugs:

Hi Oliver. First of all welcome to the community! I like your design and layout.
I could recommend is to use media for 780px. The form gets really small when it reaches 780 and then it gets smaller until it gets to 600 and then it spreads a lot.
Radio button gets too small after 600px so if you are going to reduce the size of the fonts I would make it a little bigger than 8px. The text with the shadow (like Age for example) could also be a little bigger on all screens. I guess the point is you could play a little bit with media and have the form scale down nicer to where it looks more natural. Everything else looks fine. This was my honest opinion. Keep up the good work and happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you all for the supportive comments! I have not been on FCC Forum in a while. The end November turned out to be pretty crazy for our family. (Unfortunately, the first thing a still take my time away from is the coding community.) I fixed the background image, it did bug for some reason, it could have been the the server of the img that it was rooted from. I took a look at the contrast of the title element, and I just solved it with a quick background-color property and width adjustment.

Here it is:
I have a lot of completed projects, and more in progress. I will share them this week! Looking forward hearing from you all!

Have an amazing week!!