My journey to the top starts today, help!

Today marks the beginning of my journey into programming and coding. Am a newbie and I need you to make my journey to the top fun!

I want to start with programming then move on to coding. I love maths, Architecture, building construction, am a visual and a performing artist. My motivation are to create functional and easy to use apps, websites and softwares that will solve real problems for the users and ultimately make me smile and happy.

I need your help!

Thanks a million.


You are welcome. Dont forget to keep us updated as you climb the ladder.

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Hi @octacoders !

Welcome to the forum!

Well, we are definitely a bunch of wacky folks here :laughing:
So I guess we can try to make it fun.

If you want an introduction into computer science and programming fundamentals then I would suggest CS50

I took it when I first started learning.
It was challenging but worth it and I learned a lot.
Plus they have a really massive community for support. (like freecodecamp)

The freecodecamp curriculum will teach you web development.
The whole curriculum covers the MERN(MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS) stack and python.

Just start from the beginning and keep working through the lessons and projects.

When you get stuck, rely on research and asking questions in the forum.

Good luck on your journey!


Wow!! Jessica, much love. Thanks so much for the link…


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