My landing page code is confusing

Hi I need help on my project. I’m not sure what is happening…my code is really messy and at this point I am confused. Please lend an assistance by reviewing it

Hello @buchi1, what part of your code are you confused with?

1: if you use CSS then either use the . or the # for elements like your button
2: nest elements
3: dont be afraid to use enters or spaces
4: Not all tags are close properly
5: way to many bracets

Hello @buchi1,
There are a few points I would like to suggest after reviewing your code -

The indents are missing. This gives a definite flow to your code and makes it easy to review. My suggestion: There is an option - Format HTML on the right side of your HTML coding section. This will indent your code in a single click. This should help.
Minimize all sections and then review each one by one.
If you require any specific help - clarify.

thank you akshay…sorry for late reply

ok noted Kittykora…what does bracets mean?

i’m not sure if i’m actually keeping to standard…i feel like my code is way too messy cause i’m getting things done crudely

br = bracet.
Thats what it means

<br> = break

Don’t use the <br> element to force line breaks or spacing. Use margin and/or padding in CSS.

One thing that might help to organize your CSS would be to put the attributes that are targeted by the tag name at the top, then the classes, then the ids.

Also, it is better to use CSS selectors instead of the inline HTML style value.