My Landing Page Project - Just overall changed it

I had the correct 16/16 html.
I struggled to have a correct subject and use css and then div’s for css.

My mind was blank for a few days.
Watched more videos. Then I fiddled with the code too much, then it didn’t work.
I had enough after 7 days since I finished the Survey Form.
So I hastly quit.

What can I do to improve?
Be patient, and take more time, and then it will come to me?

What do you want to improve? Make a list of things you want to improve on the page and start going through them one by one. If you get stuck then you can always ask for help here. When you do, please be sure to include a link to your codepen and also leave the issue you are dealing with in the codepen so we can see what you are seeing. But you must at least make an attempt to fix them on your own, don’t just ask us how to do it. Let us know what you have tried and then we can gently steer you in the right direction if needed.

I’ll get you started. I think it would look nice if you centered the Video and ‘About Us’ <h2> headings. If you don’t know how to do that then start with a search, such as ‘how to center elements’. The first link I got back was actually a link to an FCC article! Read through that and see if it gives you enough information to center those <h2>s. If not, then move on to the next link.

You’ll want to learn how to search for information and troubleshoot problems on your own now, because if you plan on doing this professionally you will spend a lot of your time researching and self-educating. Learning how to find answers to your questions is a very important skill to have for web development.

My first step is always to try the project on my own.
If I’m stuck, then to read through articles, and watch videos.

I was simply out of ideas. Maybe I should come up with one first, then map it out on paper or a graphical editor. Then code to what I’ve come up with in the designs.

I appreciate your thoughts.
I’ll go back to the project in time, and spice it up.

Just need a break.
Only been back into web development for 2 weeks, after say 10 years off.

I usually don’t comment on styling (unless it affects accessibility) since I’m by no means an artist or designer, but I searched for ‘web styling best practices’ and found a lot of articles with suggestions to make web pages more visually pleasing. Also, there is no harm in mimicking what other sites are doing. I’m sure you must look at a lot of other web sites. If you like the styles they are using you can certainly incorporate those into your own design.

Good luck and have fun.

Yeah, I understand this bit.
But, I don’t like to use other people’s code etc.
I like my own.
It is rusty, but I’m learning at my own pace.
It will come to me one day, sooner or later.

Ahh, I didn’t say to steal their code. I suggested you could incorporate their styles/ideas into your own design. There is a difference. Also, you will find that in general there are best practices that most web sites follow. You can’t “steal” best practices. They are there for you to use freely.

I understand your logic and thought process now.
So, more attention is needed to css styles.

I’ve finally decided to plan about changing this Landing Page Project after a few days off. I drew a plan with libreoffice draw, then thought about Wet Shaving subject.

I started using vscode to fully test out the mobile page.
Then once I finished, uploaded it onto codepen for the final finish.

How does it look like?
I still have a few things to change - form, and the button, but I’m happy with the overall change, and about the links, then the footer.

Your page looks good @havenorl. Some things to revisit;

  • Codepen provides validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the chevron in the upper right of each section and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link.
    • The one for CSS is good. Use it and address the issue(s). (There’s a typo you can fix)
    • (The one for HTML misses things which is why I recommend W3C)

I see you still want to change a few things. Hopefully one is the nav links. They’re kind of small.

Thanks for that pointer. I’m still getting used to using vscode / codepen / github etc. As they are all new for me. That’s why I’m missing out on a few things currently. Once I’m used to them, they will be evened out.

Yeah, I know more things to tweak, navbar, form, footer to get it to my satisfaction. Then I’ll leave it at that, and move on to the next project.