My Landing Page Project --wish your feedback

Hello, everyone!!!
I have done my landing page project today, at this time I trying to made something similar tour introduction landing page, hope you guys can give me some feedback :blush:.
When I created this project, I feel a bit of messy ,stuck and sad, but I keep trying to find resource help myself, finally I finish this project, I think this process let my being stronger(even it can be better).
Just want to share every person(and remind myself :rofl:) DON’T be afraid when we get some confuse, we can learn everything, try everything, and find everything, at the end we can get what we want!(just keep doing)
Thanks everyone, and Hope you guys have a happy day. :wink:

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HTML syntax

  • line 78, script tags should be inside body tags
  • but anyway line 1/line 77, the body tags should not be included in codepen as they are aleady added by codepen in background

CSS syntax

  • line 105, extra semicolon at the end of line

it looks pretty nice, I could expect it from a travel agency or something, good job!

Thank you for your remind, I’ve already fix these problem, and thanks for your comment, I will keep hard doing my project :grin:

Page looks good @kxin. Only feed back I have is to check if the email addr is present when clicking the submit button and throw an error if it’s empty.
You learned how to do this when you did your survey form.

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@Roma Oops!that’s my missing things,thank you for help me find it!I have fix it,thanks a lot :laughing:.