My Local weather App for feedback

While making this weather app, I tried to make it really minimal and use the same shade of the color of consistency.

here it is for your feedback []

Hey J,
It worked for me! I like the color scheme too.
Great Job

You have not met two of the User Story requirements of weather app project.

#1) When I load the page, there is no image or icon showing the current weather. I do see text of “weather-img”, but that is not an image. This is required by User Story #5.

#2) According to User Story #6, you must clickable button which will toggle between the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. Your app just displays both at the same time without a button.

thanks :slight_smile: @mccurcio

thanks @RandellDawson for checking it out.
I used the icon for showing the weather, it looks like it has not been loaded properly and showing the alt textSketch (5)

and I just forget about the second user story. :wink: