My Local Weather Project

Would really appreciate if someone would take a few min’s of their time to provide feedback on my “Local Weather” project:



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Hello Vavin,

I have cheked your project on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and it is not working on my phone. Did you try to check your project through a mobile device?.
Anyways, I will have a detailed look on your project tomorrow on my Laptop and update more.


It actually worked on my iPhone.
Maybe it’s because I attached a link where the code is visible. This one is for full page view.

Your project is working perfectly fine on my Laptop.
Great Work Vavin!
I still couldn’t`t get it to work on my Android though. :thinking:
This is going to be my next project. So I will sneak up on your code. :wink:

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I just found out why your project did not work on my mobile.
I wasn’t enabled the location data on mobile before. Now its working fine. :sunglasses:

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Looking forward to “borrowing” some more cool css/javascript ideas from you!

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it’s cool.
you can give the button a border