My Local Weather

I finished my local weather app. I was going for simple and to the point information, so I decided to skip the background images. I have noticed that the example given for this project gave a different location from where I actually am. So if you experience that it might simply be that you used different API’s not just openweathermap, although openweathermap is the most accurate in terms of finding my location.
I was also hoping to make the C or F metrics in temperature buttons but I could not mimic the sample project so I had to settle for a button below the temperature.

Feel free to comment, as always I’m looking for advice on how to make my code leaner.

I think this is broken? On my computer, all I see is this:

I’m using Chrome on Linux.

thanks for the feedback I have noticed a glitch too
i’m working on it right now

Works for me. I don’t think you need to go do 2 decimal places for the temperature. Apart from that, fine.

Me too. Chromium Linux, everything black.

Hey, I don’t think my code is the problem anymore. I’ve edited it and even added alert messages. Please confirm again if you can. If it turns out it’s the chrome in linux perhaps you can help me figure out what I need to add to the code. I have removed the that came before the url’s so please confirm.
And @JohnnyBizzel, the API provides the temperature in 2 decimal places but thanks for confirming that my code is alright. Feel free to share which OS you’re using so we see if there’s a difference…

It displays this now. I will see what’s wrong. I’ll try opera later.

Works on Chrome, Chromium (if you change it to https) and Firefox on ubuntu 14.04. :slight_smile:

It’s working. I had some issues with internet this morning.

Thanks guys! I’m glad it worked for you.