My long document on my advice on getting a job

Probably the same people that hate Family Guy. lol

In your example of code, " ‘you should be ashamed’ == ‘shame on you’ ", that will give you a negative or false because those 2 strings are not the same. FYI

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Hello Campers, I’m 31 years old and I feel older to learn web development, but when I read posts like this I feel motivated and optimistic. thanks again @kevinSmith.

thank you for bringing us back on topic! @geekysmurf

…effortlessly write out a recursive algorithm to generate permutations.

Challenge accepted.

const perm = (group) => {

  if (!group.length || !group[0].add.length) {
    return => e.str);

  const next = group.reduce((acc, e) => acc.concat(, j) => ({
    str: `${e.str}${f}`,
    add: e.add.filter((g, k) => k !== j)
  }))), []);

  return perm(next);


const wrapPerm = (str) => {

  const group = str.split("");
  const next =, i) => ({
    str: e,
    add: group.filter((f, j) => j !== i)

  return perm(next);


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Hey Kevin, won’t lie, I’ve been going through a slump and chuckled at the part people were complaining about.

On that note, and I have a right to say this as a woman who has been through REAL harassment and REAL shit in her cs program (the reason why I dropped out). Frankly, I would LOVE it if those of you who are disgusted by something so inane actually DO something about it. If you’re butthurt by the whole thing, do me and other victims a favor, do something meaningful that reaps tangible results for people like me who got ZERO help when I asked for it. Rather than lash out at someone trying to help the coding community redirect your efforts directly into helping those who need it most.
Sexism in tech is real. I see it, feel it taste it. But I’m not a victim of it and I pave my own way. So your anger while understandable is misdirected and gets us nowhere.

Anyways, sorry about that. Back to coding.

People who say I’m a shoe in even though I’m still struggling don’t understand how soul sapping the job search becomes. I am fortunate in that I have great familial connections and support, but the nagging “something is wrong with me” doesn’t easily go away.

In the end I need to toughen up and focus on my projects. But it’s always great to hear more from someone who got there.


I read the whole thing. I really thank you a lot for this. I also enjoyed your dumb PG-13 man jokes. :sweat_smile:

I really don’t want to live in Arkansas though. I guess I’ll have to see where my path takes me! :zipper_mouth_face: How is Arkansas by the way?

Edit: I wanted to let you know I identify as a hetero male and think you should be yourself on the forum. Maybe some other males/females/bi/non-binary/queer/les//b/b/q & questioning would disagree. I have to be nice and fake to everyone in real life. So your write up is fine. But maybe some people think you’re a douche now. Screw it. Now everybody hates me too. Weeee!!


Oh no he didn’t!!! Bam!

Impression he made:


I truly appreciate your reply…Btw what are you learning @vickyleider . I’m learning MEAN Stack. Thank you!

thanks, it is a really wonderful experience for us to read others.

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Nice write-up. I just read the whole thing, and I didn’t find any objectionable content. The joke was fine, and the email address made me laugh. Yup, that may be funny to your friends, but, it’s far from professional. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

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My CS degree was also ruined due to harassment and emotional abuse … from peers … !
Its so true that very few people help you when you actually need help even when you are asking for it …

That really puts me the similar situation where i am struggling to revive my career ! and i truly love CS !

Kevin experience is so much useful for people like us finding jobs … helping us revive our career that we should be thankful to him ! His willingness to share his experience deserves appreciation and encouragement !

I’m sorry you got harassed. In the end your love of coding and learning WILL get you through. I also try to remember, for every not so nice individual there are dozens out there who are helpful, kind and willing to learn from you as much as they teach you. That’s the community I’m discovering nowadays :slight_smile:


thank you for the words of encouragement i totally agree with you … :+1:
We should not be discouraged and reach out to people who are supportive !

I especially liked the advice about the sieve of Eratosthenes as I just learned about it a few days ago, and it is cool.

I tried to find a job for a long time, but I constantly got rejections. Therefore, I decided that I would work better for myself. I was motivated by the blog here is told about a businessman Timur Artemyev. After reading this, I realized that the main thing is to believe in what you are doing and you will succeed. Now I have my own business and soon I plan to expand. I hope I also motivate someone.


Musician too, and 42 years old yeeei : ) #wecandothis

Your document is awesome, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and journey !

Thank you @kevinSmith for the super detailed and incredibly helpful document. I’m going from having some minor backend skills to working on learning my frontend, and the portfolio suggestions are great! Thanks again for all your hard work on putting this together to help your fellow coders!

P.S. Naysayers aren’t helping anyone.