My markdown Previewer almost done

I have only two things I need to finish now in my FCC project. Can you tell me exactly what the errors mean? Thank you!

(Please help me get this done before Sunday. I’m not allowed to work on Sundays.)

Unordered list items in markdown (editor side) should look like this:

- First item
- Second item
- Third item
- Fourth item

Check your spacing.

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Thank you so much! It’s all fixed!

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That is so funny that one tiny mistake is that much trouble.

Recently I was given my initiation papers as a coder for bashing my head into the keyboard. There was much celebration as yet another stressed out coder joined the proud ranks of hospitalized programmers.

That’s why I live in a building with only two floors.

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Hey there,

that’s why it’s good advice, in case of an annoying error, to remove the whole code and paste it block-by-block or even line-by-line, to see when/where the error starts showing up.

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