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after quite a long time here is the Makdown Viewer. Please have a look at it.


This is pretty neat. The functionality is great! As far as design would go, the color combination is a little hard on the eyes. You might want to consider ditching one of the three colors and replacing it with black, white, or a shade of gray.

Thanks for your suggestions - I have to work on the design.

I agree with @arhillis. Those colors are a bit too loud. Otherwise it works. :+1:

Here’s a website for helping you pick out color schemes.


Thanks for the link, that site is great!

Thank you! Just got some hints from that. I’m not satisfied with the scrollbars. Could be I make their background like that of the text fields.

I’m not quite sure how yet. As far as the colors go, I would make that gray in the result panel a little bit lighter to give it more contrast with the black text. Also, nix the yellow on the headers. There is no shame in having black text on a white background. Look at this site. Look at the other famous sites. They are mostly black text on a white background.

Made the background of the text fields a bit lighter and gave them an initialization from some *.md file in black on both sides. I’ll leave it that way for now.

Thank you for the help

Now it doesn’t work. If I type, nothing I type appears. I can’t even remove the sample text.

Thank you, fixed it !

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Much better now :+1: