My markdown previewer

Hello everyone! I just finished my Markdown previewer and I was wondering if a could get some feedback to improve.

Here is the App and the code

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Looks nice. Simple yet striking design.

Some things you could consider changing:

  • On wider screens, consider placing the content windows side-by-side β€” the content is likely to be taller than it is wide, and side-by-side is easier to compare.
  • Consider using a taller line height for the rendered output. To my eye, it looks a little cramped at the moment.
  • Your components are all in one file. Consider splitting each component into its own file, then importing everything into App.js (this isn’t crucial when your App.js is only ~160 lines long, but good practice for larger apps).
  • Stretch goal β€” think about scrolling both windows (input and rendered output) simultaneously, like the forum post editor here.
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