My meteorite strike map

More than anything, this project has convinced me that D3js is not well suited to drawing interactive maps. For an actual, live project, I’d use leaflets.js. Still, I’m quite proud of this. I had to learn how to test D3 with Jasmine, and also learned the importance of making a feature branch in Git instead of just adding something to master that you think will work.


I haven’t done any of the Data viz projects or worked with D3 before, so this just looks like impossible wizardry. Good job (presumably).


Wow, looks great! 2 things: 1. There is a vertical and horizontal scrollbar. 2. The map doesn’t resize if you resize your browser window.

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Yes! Scrollbars! I knew I was forgetting something

It seems that CodePen isn’t respecting my overflow settings, though. I tested locally and have no scrollbars.

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Have you tried github gh-pages?

I have! I’ve actually got my Game of Life project hosted on Github right now. Currently, I’m in the process of sprucing up my portfolio page, so I figure I could just throw my D3 projects up there.

Impressive. Where did you learn d3 since the challenges aren’t up yet?

Thanks! I started learning it before freeCodeCamp was a thing. I think my first resource was, but I’ve also gone through tutorials on YouTube and PacktPub. Nowadays I pick up as much as I can from Mike Bostock himself (the creator of D3) and other examples I see online.

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