My mind goes completely blank when i approach a javascript problem

Please guys, am in js DOM, but i cannot even think of a solution to a simple real world javascript problem, Does it mean i cannot be good in this javaScript or do i need more practice. Because each time i approach a problem, my mind goes completely blank and i won’t know how to start. please if you ve experienced such in the past, whats the way out.

Learning how to identify and break down a problem is a difficult skill to learn. It takes practice and patience with yourself.

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As @ArielLeslie suggested, like everything else in life, the key is practice and consistency.

In case of coding, a common and widely used approach is using pseudocode as a starting point.

Pseudocode is nothing more that writing in your spoken language precisely step-by-step what you expect it to do.

An example of a function that state if a studend is promoted on a test in pseudocode would be

If student's grade is greater than or equal to 60

Print "passed"
Print "failed"

Then once you think you are precise enough, you can convert it to actual code.
Hope it helps :+1:

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Thank you guys, i will try that out.