My Mock Portfolio Project. Noob Coder Feed Back Welcome

Hello fellow campers!

This is my first post as well as first submission. I joined up a little over a week ago and have super enjoyed my journey thus far. I upon starting had ZERO experience with code and have learned what feels like a ton in such a short time. I have to admit every time I am stumped and manage to figure out a problem (which is often) its a total rush and really adds the momentum and excitement I need to keep learning. I never thought I would enjoy coding even remotely until I tried this site out of curiosity the other day.

And though I’m sure my first run at a portfolio will be probably shoddy at best, I’m pretty happy with how its been turning out thus far. The real only issue I have had is that for some odd reason I can’t seem to get the social media links at the bottom to actually go to the site, though my tribute page link in the portfolio works fine, what am i missing here? I noticed in the example from the portfolio project page that those social media buttons don’t go to those sites either, is this do to code pen or something? I have managed to get the Gmail link to work so I’m rather perplexed.

Here is the Project Link:

Any advice on this one would be appreciated and any style corrections, comments, or thoughts as well. Apologies in advance for my (likely) horrid mess of code.


First of all, nice job getting the portfolio done in such short time! I do think it is a bit too grey and the animation makes it a bit noisy. But it is seriously good considering you only just started.

I would advise you to put all your styling in the css tab and not inline (<div style="....">). Also have a look at the Bootstrap documentation. Being able to use the Bootstrap grid and other things Bootstrap has to offer, it is way easier to build a (simple) webpage.

I believe CodePen is to blame, for not allowing direct linking. You can overcome it by adding: target="_blank" to your a tag: <a href="..." target="_blank" />. This will open a new tab every time you click it.