My music portfolio

Hey everybody,

I’m a freelance musician from Switzerland and actually learning front end development.
I need feedback on my musician portfolio :
I know I have a weird sense of humor… :slight_smile: and my goal with this website is obviously not to find a job as a front end developer, I will do something else for that !

Do you have any suggestions ?

Thank you

Hey chadi,

My first impression on your portfolio-- “Aaah What is with this site, it has some serious errors” and closed all pop-up windows without looking into.
After when I clicked on your folders, that’s when I realised your design and smiled.
It is a different idea and brings smile . I have not seen anything like this.
I cannot say whether it is good or bad,what it needs,what should be avoided as I am not a professional. Just letting you know my first impression. Good luck!

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Thank you for sharing your impressions !

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