My Netflix clone, need some design advice

Hey guys!

I have been coding during this year and I am doing the Netflix clone right now. I got the basic logic, but when I start to think about some cool design I get lost. As this is going to be my main project of my portfolio, I want this to have a nice look. Basically I want some inspiration so I can do my own design, but I can’t find it. I’ve been practing, by coping some awesome designs on the web, but when I have to create one I am totally lost. Also, some critiques will be really helpful.

The are 3 main sections on the web right now.
The main one:
A searcher (Only works from the nav-bar):
A unique page for every movie:

What I dont really like and I dont know how to design it is:
Color pallette
How the loaders are presented (the grey box that are there until the image loads)
When it redirects you to another section, it realods everything, should I refactor code so the menus dont reload?
The results are presented in a poor way, any idea? I like the columns and the image on top, but not the colors.
In the profile of each movie, in the background it will be there poster of the movie, but I dont like the frame nor the colors.

I ask this because I know my designs are not that good except when I take some inspiration on others.
I aim to get a some interviews this month, will this be enough to get the attention of some recruiters for a junior position on a full stack developer job? Or what do you think I should aim for?

Also say thanks to everyone in this community, its really incredible how helpful it can be, from the resources to the people that makes it.

I have the same issue, I usually go through other users projects and try to get ideas. Have you checked out Bulma CSS library? It’s pretty neat and uses cool default colours. Check it out.

You could improve your project by adding a responsive grid to contain all of those movie images, the search bar at the navigation would probably better on the right side. You should also add pointer cursor to your icons since I can’t tell which ones I can click.

Personally, I think applying for a junior position would be more suitable option since (I guess) you have no working experience, although applying for all positions wouldn’t hurt and there is always a bigger chance of getting an interview.

I will take a look!
Yeah, those are little details that I know how I should do it, but in the bigger picture I don’t know what I should try. I mean giving a kind of style to follow so I can design the sidebar, the buttons, etc…
But I think I will take some ideas from other projects.