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I have learned HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla JavaScript from Jon Duckett’s books (which i highly recommend), and supplementing with freeCodeCamp’s responsive web design and JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures curriculums. While i’m currently working on the front-end development libraries certification, i’m pretty confident in my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/ES6 skills that i think i can start working as a freelance web developer creating basic websites for real life clients in order to improve my skills even more, gain more self-confidence in this field by putting myself out there, and to earn some money to support myself financially.

I am happy to announce my new website:

The website is lacking a portfolio section because i still don’t have any significant projects that are good enough to impress potential clients, that will hopefully come soon, but instead, i tried to make my personal website as good looking as possible both on desktop and mobile.

I would like to have your opinion and feedback positive of negative.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @MEZ_1995 !

I think your page looks good.

One section I think you need to look at is the about section.

Most times you are not capitalizing the letter I.

i am a self-taught…
Since a young age, i have always been…

I think those details are important since you want to put forward a professional site.

Hope that helps!

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I will fix that, thank you Jessica :slight_smile:

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Hello @MEZ_1995,

It looks clean enough.
I’m wondering why you went for multiple pages instead of a single-page layout?
Single page might be better for mobile device users. Swiping is a natural thing to do these days.

The motion on the page looks good at first, but soon becomes distracting when reading your information. Consider it a peripheral vision annoyance.

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